My name is Juan Montilla and I´m a Game Programmer.

Game Programmer with a degree of Specialist in Video Game Development and Virtual Reality and in Development of Multiplatform Applications, experience in Unity and ability in languages ​​such as C#, Java among others. Also a lover of video games, Japanese culture and role-playing games.





Some of my jobs

Projects I´ve Worked On

Metroidvania mixed with platforming in which our Unga will have to face fearsome dinosaurs to save his people.

Multiplayer pvp turn-based combat game of simultaneous resolution about battles between schools of magicians.

Pure Metroidvania with a fusion of camera styles between 2.5D and isometric. Medieval visual theme.

Horror game with jumpscares and puzzles where you will have to face an evil being that visits you one night.

Designs and Prototypes

Nordic axe created in blender using different techniques and without references.

Drawing made by hand with a digital tablet in Gimp. Using various layers and techniques.

Pocket watch in pixel art style drawn with Aseprite tool

Models created in blender. Made with different modifiers and painted with materials.