About me

Who I Am?

I am Juan, and I am a programmer. After finishing scientific and technological high school, it was time to decide more precisely which direction I should focus on in my professional career. Like most people, I was unsure about what to study. On one hand, I was interested in video games and computer science, but on the other hand, fields like astronomy or teaching also appealed to me. After careful consideration, I quickly decided to pursue my interest in video games and computer science, leading me to study DAM (Application Development and Multiplatform) at IES Poeta Paco Mollá in Petrer.

In this course, I learned the fundamental basics of programming, basic techniques of analysis, and basic concepts of databases in the first year. Throughout the second year, we focused on more advanced programming as well as product development and maintenance. After completing the higher-level module, my passion for programming was ignited, and I wanted to specialize in the field of video games, which led me to learn Unity on my own. Through completing various exercises and taking basic and intermediate level courses, I began working on more complex projects, gaining experience in game development. 

After working in a company as a general programmer, I enrolled in the game development and virtual reality specialization, which brings us to the present day. Currently, I have successfully completed that project and I am now developing all the mini ideas that emerge in my mind, gaining experience and learning new things every day.

In addition to my professional side, I am deeply passionate about anime and Japanese culture. I am also an avid enthusiast of role-playing games like D&D, which not only fosters teamwork but also camaraderie. Furthermore, I am a dedicated Powerchair athlete, achieving significant national titles.