Some of my projects done in Unity. I started with this engine in a self-taught way making 2D games like Las ZorroAventuras and over time making 3D games. Although some are complete, they are small projects where I develop concrete ideas.

Las ZorroAventuras

This was my first game and almost my first experience with Unity. Zorro is our main protagonist, who wakes up one morning to find out that several neighbors have been kidnapped by evil creatures. After getting ready, he decides to go in search of the inhabitants of his village. 

"Las ZorroAventuras" is a platform project with simple mechanics of moving, jumping, and attacking, divided into three levels with different types of enemies. Since it was my first more complete project, I decided to take it slow and learn basic and essential concepts in a solid way. After completing it, I uploaded it to, where it is currently available for download.


This title is a PvP game where each player, with their school and selection of wizards, will have to face other players in turn-based battles with simultaneous resolution. There are 5 elements of wizards and different attacks for each, and if different elements are combined, specific effects can be achieved. Additionally, the game features different types of matches, such as casual, ranked, and frenetic, allowing each player to play the type of game they enjoy the most. 

During the development of this game, I participated as a collaborator for nearly 2 years, taking care of aspects ranging from UI programming, gameplay programming, to the lootbox system.  Despite being in an advanced stage after more than 2 years of development, it is currently suspended with no plans to be resumed. Page of Steam created.

Petrer Castle of Terror

This video game was created during my studies in the game development specialization. It is a project where our character has to progress through different rooms, defeating enemies, and completing simple puzzles. Various aspects of tilemaps, animations, and movement systems were used in this game. 

Although I plan to continue its development, currently, there is only a small demo available.

Eerie Echoes

The most ambitious project I have undertaken to date on an individual basis. In this horror story, the player will have to unravel a danger lurking in their house, facing terrible scares and a peculiar storyline. The protagonist's parents have gone out for dinner, leaving them home alone to celebrate the end of the school year with friends. However, upon arriving home, they realize they are not alone. What does this individual want from them? 

This idea originated from a task in a course, and that's when I decided to further develop and bring it to life. Among other aspects, it features an enhanced dialogue system and a smoother interaction system. Additionally, it boasts a visually appealing design. It is expected to be released in late 2023, around the fourth quarter, but stay in a young state of development.

Bleasing Beads

Bleasing Beds is a metroidvania game that combines 2.5D and isometric views. In this project, our character must maintain their sanity while fighting to keep their mind intact. The view system is designed so that combat and puzzles take place in a 2.5D perspective, while looting, dialogues, and the storyline are presented in an isometric view. 

I was involved in this video game as a collaboration with a group of final-year students from ESNE University in Madrid. This group of artists and designers needed programmers for their final thesis project and had to seek external help. The objective was to create a vertical slice of the game and find publishers for its future development. This collaboration lasted for 7 months.

Unga Lunga Revenge

As the final project of our specialization, we created "Unga Lunga Revenge" as a group. It is a story where our little Unga has to confront dinosaurs to rescue his tribe members. Throughout this project, we went through all stages of development, from creating the Game Design Document (GDD) to testing, publishing, and maintenance. We utilized agile methodologies and implemented scrums to divide and assign tasks among ourselves. 

This project served as our thesis for the game development and virtual reality specialization. We used GitHub for development, where we also learned conflict resolution techniques. Despite having limited time, we managed to achieve specific objectives, and the project is currently awaiting publication by the institution.

Ordered Mess

Participation in a game jam with a small group of 5 people where the theme was "inverse." We created a multiplayer game where the objective was to organize and disorganize two houses. Small project.

Rápidos y Furiosos

A small multiplayer project where you connected with your teammates using a code to play a simple level similar to Fall Guys.